World Championships Results

World Junior and Senior Championships – Jesolo, Italia

World Championship Results

Overall Statistics:
Countries with competitors: 52
Competitors: 1019
Teams registered:
Teams: 75
Traditional Sparring Teams: 33
Age Groups: Fem. Male Sum
Senior (18+ years) 201 385 586
Junior (14-17 years) 179 254 433
TOTAL Competitors: 380 639 1019
Participants registered:
Competitors 1019
Officials 153
Umpires 97
Coaches 323
Supporters 786
TOTAL Participants: 2239
Nr Cou Name #
1 AIA AXA ITF TaeKwon-Do Association 0
3 AUS ITF Taekwon-Do Australia 17
4 AUT ITF-Austria 1
5 BEL ITF-Belgium 2
6 BGR Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do 8
7 BLR Belarusian Public Association Taekwon-do 4
8 BOL Federacion Boliviana de Taekwon-Do ITF 4
9 BRA Federação Brasileira de Taekwon-Do 7
10 CAN Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International 63
11 CHE I.T.F. Switzerland Taekwon-Do Federation 7
12 CHL Taekwon-do Chile 16
13 COL Asociación Colombiana de Taekwon-Do ITF 1
14 CZE Czech National Taekwon-Do Union 3
15 DEU ITF-Deutschland 35
16 DNK ITF Denmark 2
17 ENG ITF England 40
18 ESP Federacion Española de Taekwondo ITF 12
19 ETH Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association 16
20 FIN ITF Taekwon-Do Finland 28
21 FRA ITF France 4
22 GEO Georgian Taekwon-Do I.T.F Federation 1
23 GRC Hellenic Quadrathlon ITF Federation 1
24 GTM Asociacion Guatemalteca de Tae Kwon do I.T.F. 1
25 HND Asociación Nacional de Honduras Taekwon-Do ITF 3
26 HRV ITF Croatia 4
27 HUN Hungarian ITF Taekwon-do Federation 20
28 IRL ITF Ireland Taekwon-Do Team 39
Nr Cou Name #
29 ISR The Israel Taekwon-Do Association 2
31 JAM Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association 7
33 KAZ National Sport Federation of Taekwon-do ITF 6
34 KGZ Kyrgyzstan Taekwon-do ITF Federation 5
35 LBN ITF Lebanon 4
36 LUX Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux 2
37 NLD I.T.F. Nederland 18
38 NOR National Taekwon-Do Norway 58
39 NZL International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand 51
40 PAL ITF Palestine 0
41 POL Polish Taekwon-Do Association 67
42 PRI Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-Do de Puerto Rico 14
43 PRT I. T. F. Portugal 4
44 PRY Federación de Taekwon-Do Estilo ITF de la República del Paraguay (FETREP) 28
45 ROU Roumanian I.T.F. Taekwon-do Federation 39
46 RUS All Russia Teakwon-Do Federation 51
47 SCT ITF Scotland 22
48 SVK Slovak union of Taekwon – Do ITF 6
49 SVN Slovenian Taekwon-Do Association 27
50 SWE Swedish TKD Federation ITF 26
51 TTO Trinidad and Tobago Taekwon-Do Federation 0
52 UGA ITF Uganda Association (IUA) 0
53 UKR All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union 12
54 URY International Taekwon-Do Federation – Uruguay 4
55 USA United States of America Team 51
56 UZB Federation Taekwon-Do ITF of Uzbekistan 16

Opening Ceremony ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Interview with ITF President and TAFISA President

Footage of the Umpire and Coach Meetings, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Female 4th – 6th Degree Patterns Final, 2015 ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Final of Male 4th – 6th Degree Patterns, ITF World Championships, Jesolo, 2015.

Interview with ITF President, Grandmaster Pablo Trajtenberg during the world championships in Jesolo.

Interview with ITF Secretary General, Master Juan Ferrando.

Pre-Arranged Sparring Highlights, ITF World Championships Jesolo, Italy 2015

 Final Senior Male Team Pattern, ITF World Championships, Jesolo, Italy

 Final Female Individual Sparring Junior -60kg, Poland vs. England, ITF World Championships, Jesolo, May 2015.

 Junior Male Team Pattern Final, ITF World Championships, Jesolo, Italy.

 ITF World Championships, Emotional Moments…..

 We are the champions…..

 Final, -62kg Female, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

 Team New Zealand, Pre-Arranged Sparring, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Interview with ITF Senior Vice-President, Master Paul Weiler

 Pre-Arranged Sparring, Russian Team, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

 Individual Female 3rd Dan Pattern Senior, Norway vs New Zealand, ITF World Championships, Jesolo

Final -50kg Junior Male Sparring, ITF world championships, Jesolo.

Final Junior Male 2nd Dan Patterns, Italy vs Russia, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Interview with ITF Vice-President, Grandmaster Javier Dacak.

 Senior Male 85kg Sparring, Argentina vs England, ITF World Championships,Jesolo.

Interview with ITF Director, Grandmaster Wim Bos

Junior Female 3rd Dan Patterns, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

20 ITF World Championship 2015, Jesolo, Italy – Backstage

Sparring Highlights ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Interview with ITF Board Member, Master Michael Daher

 Final Senior Male Team Sparring, ITF World Championships, Jesolo – Ukraine Vs Ireland.

 Interview with World Champion, Maxime Bujold

New Zeland VS Argentina Female

24 New Zealand vs Argentina female team sparring junior

Interview with Mark Trotter, World Champion, Traditional Sparring.

Final, Senior Male -78kg, Germany vs Canada, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

Chatting with some of Team Finland members…

Interview with the organiser of the ITF World Championships 2015 in Jesolo, Master Giovanni Cecconato.

Female Senior 2nd Dan Final. ITF World Championships, Jesolo.Usa VS Norway

Interview with Master Gordon Wallace


Interview with Sabum Tomaz Barada.

 Interviews with several National Team Coaches at the ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

3rd Dan Senior Male Patterns final, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.

 Interview with Master Alberto Katz, Chair of the ITF Umpire Committee.

Senior Female 1st Dan Final, ITF World Championships, Jesolo.


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