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Welcome back Malaysia – Report

On July 21-24, 2016 the ITF was invited by the Malaysian International Taekwon-Do Federation (MITF) for meetings and to conduct technical and competition seminars during the level 1 and 2 National Instructors course.

The National Olympic Committee organized the course and MITF in order that participants would receive the opportunity to become a recognized level 1 or 2 Instructor and therefore also other groups and organizations other than MITF were present.

MITF requested from the ITF to send President GM Trajtenberg 9th degree and Master Juan Ferrando 8th degree ITF Secretary General in order to have meetings and to discuss the various affiliation matters, policy and proposed calendar for activities to be programmed for 2017.
GM Wim Bos 9th degree was requested to conduct the seminars concerning technical and competition matters; also GM Trajtenberg was involved in the teaching.
Needless to say that the 150 participants were very satisfied and extremely happy with their teaching skills and human relation.
The four days passed very fast from talking, discussing to teaching and of course there was also time for social environment like sightseeing’s, having lunch and dinners together all in a really very nice atmosphere.
We received a wonderful feedback as you might have noticed through Facebook and the participant’s biggest wish was for us coming back as soon as possible.

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