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Seminar in China with GM Paul Weiler

Upon invitation of one ITF group from China (majority from Beijing) and after discussing it with our President and the TC Chairman, GM Weiler went to Beijing last weekend to conduct a technical seminar. This group under the leadership of Mr. Bolun Dai did wonderful job in organising the event. It was a very successful seminar with the attendance of 65 participants (50 % black belts from 1st to 6th degree and colour belts). There were also 3 instructors from our existing group participating at the seminar (China and Hong Kong) and one instructor from Tibet and one from Mongolia. Our big advantage world wide of having a Technical Committee cannot be found in any other ITF group and it helps a lot in standardising the performance of technique, especially the sine wave which in some other groups can be sometimes performed with a downward movement in the middle or a double sine wave. After the seminar Mr. Bolun explained that this group wants to apply for membership of the ITF and was asking for the paperwork to do so.

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