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President´s Message

Dear National Association (NA) members.

We would like to remind you that the deadline to submit applications as a candidate for the next elections is fast approaching. The deadline is the 13th of April (23:59 Madrid time).
A very important point I would like to reiterate and I want you all to remember, is that all candidates go forward as INDIVIDUAL candidates for election for each position and you, the members, will vote one by one, for each candidate, choosing who you feel is the best person for each position. I would like to clarify that these elections are completely democratic and not one team or party against another; all candidates are part of the ITF and those individuals that you elect will form the leadership team and new board of directors of the ITF.

It is of paramount importance that each NA takes the time to analyse the skills, competencies and attributes of each individual and makes a decision to vote based on their abilities to lead the ITF forward. Whoever you choose will have the privilege and responsibility to govern the world body for our martial art, the ITF.

Remember any candidate representing their NA and meeting the criteria already sent to each NA has the right to put their name forward for this open and democratic election.

You can view the list of all candidates and their CVs on the ITF website at this link;

I trust that all of you will make the decision to choose the right person in each case for the right position to lead us forward into the next era and to bring the ITF to the highest level possible.

My best regards as always,


Gran Master Pablo Trajtenberg



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