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President’s Message – The Importance of Children in ITF Taekwon-Do

Dear ITF community:

We know that today children have become one of the most important sources of our teaching and moreover, we are training those who in the future certainly will send their own children to practice ITF Taekwon-Do.

For that reason we search for the excellence in the teaching intended for children.

I have the honor to present the latest work done by the Children´s Development Committee, the new web site that in a first stage can be accessed through the official ITF website or directly through

The simple navigation combined with an advanced web design, the clear and precise language in all of its contents, the division of these contents in three main segments: For Kids, For Parents and For Instructors and the graphics developed specially for this tool are the demonstration of the search I mentioned above.

And this is just a beginning, as the team continues to work developing new materials and updates.

I could go on commenting details that make this website special, but before that, I prefer to cordially invite you to visit what was done until here, leave your comments if you wish and stay tuned for updates and for accesses ready to come.

After saying this, I can only congratulate the members of the Children´s Development Committee, Donato Nardizzi, Fabian Izquierdo and Philip Lear, for their fantastic work in order to provide more teaching elements to the instructors, and, as in this case, tools to get closer and to distinguished socially in front of parents and educators and establishing a difference in our scope.

With all my affection,

Pablo Trajtenberg

ITF President


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