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As it was proclaimed in 1993 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, every 15th May we celebrate the International Day of Families.

This day is an excellent occasion to promote a better awareness and a better knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes related to families.

This awareness, and the necessary efforts it implies, is basically oriented to guarantee the wellness, education and care of its members.

It´s almost impossible not to compare this with our ITF, which shares the same goals for its members (students, Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters) around the world.

But these goals, the goals of this big family called ITF, are not restricted to the Do Jang. The benefits of our Moral Culture, our discipline and our training, transmitted through our Courses and Study Programs that we have developed and put into practice, reach the heart of society every time we help educate a good person.

Because of this, I echo the words of the United Nations Secretary General:

“On this International Day of Families, let us resolve to advance sustainable development by creating a supportive environment where all family members of all ages can realize their potential to contribute to our world”.

United Nations Secretary General’s Message, Ban Ki-moon
International Day of Families 2016

“Help build a better and more peaceful world” is our way of expressing the same idea.

Let’s keep on doing it through our work.

Taekwon, to our beloved ITF family!

GM Pablo Trajtenberg
ITF President


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