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President’s Message May 2019

Dear ITF Family,

The 15th Junior and 21st Senior World Championships are already complete, and the feedback about the organization was extremely positive. Some said, “The best ever”.


Another outstanding event was the elections for the Board of Directors. For the first time in ITF history there were multiple candidates for each position. Members had the opportunity to choose based on democratic principles.The result was also outstanding because two women were elected for the first time in ITF history.

This has already progresses one of my goals: to modernize the ITF. Further goals will follow, including:

  • to preserve the legacy of General Choi, by ensuring that Taekwon-Do retains its original concept and technique;
  • global development across all continents;
  • new projects (e.g. inclusion);
  • new committees and working groups (e.g. Risk and Audit Committee);
  • international recognition (e.g. Nomad Games); and
  • visibility (e.g. a Taekwon-Do App).

I would like to thank the members for their confidence in us. It is a big challenge and responsibility for us to lead the ITF. We will do our best, and we need your engagement, experience and advice.  Further thanks goes to: –       the members of the previous Board for their work and passion to stabilize and enlarge the ITF; –       the members of the Standing Committees and Working Groups for their service to our members, and for many new ideas; –       the Umpires for their work at ITF events – no umpires = no competition; –       the coaches and instructors who work every day in their dojang to spread the Taekwon-Do of General Choi; and-       the team that worked for the election campaign. THE ITF IS ALL OF US – the Board of Directors, the Standing Committees and Working Groups and the Association Members.So for the good of the ITF and the legacy of General Choi, let us work together as a TEAM. It is in our hands – what we achieve depends on us! Thank you!

GM Paul Weiler

ITF President

Important note:

Due to the new elections and the associated obligations (e.g. registration of the new Board of Directors) there may be slight delays in answering emails or delivering documents. We ask for your understanding!


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