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President’s Message March 2011

Presidents Message March 2011

In my November Message I introduced to you the Communications Committee. It is very appropriate now that I ask the Chairman of our Tournaments Committee to address you with a special report.

The Tournaments & Umpires Commitee recently split into two separate committees, both of which form an important part of the way our tournaments function on the ITF. Today Master van den Heuvel will explain the role and function of his Tournament Committee.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all well for the upcoming World Championships in New Zealand and I look forward to seeing you there. Despite the terribly tragedy that hit New Zealand in recent weeks, the Organising Team have prepared in a most professional way. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have had their lives and property devastated in the Christchurch earthquake.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Wellington in a matter of days!

Kind regards
Pablo Trajtenberg
Acting President
Special Report from: Tournament Committee



The purpose is to elevate the quality of Taekwon-Do by scoring every aspect and to provide an equal opportunity for all participants to show the ultimate of their abilities in friendly competition.

Master Coos van den Heuvel, Netherlands.

Master Giovanni Cecconato, Italy

This committee was formed after the separation of the Umpire & Tournament Committee. The Board of Directors and the committee agreed that this split of duties will be for the benefit of all participants in ITF tournaments. We decided after the last World Championships that we would be able to avoid a lot of problems if the tournament and Umpire committee had their own special areas of responsibilities and authorization.
Short History

The first efforts to standardize the competition and organization of tournaments goes back to 1991, when Grand Master Bos organized the first Umpire course (new style) in Europe. People from all over Europe attended this course and many others following. At this time everything was still done the traditional way, and then slowly new systems and the electronics were introduced. It was a great pleasure to see referees becoming more professional and we are now at the stage were we can further clarify and simplify the rules.

The Tournament Committee are involved from the beginning of tournament planning. From the moment of bidding for an event, the committee are involved with the following procedures:

  1. Sports hall
  2. Hotels
  3. Transportation
  4. Program
  5. Organizational setup
  6. Staff availability
  7. Weigh-in facilities
  8. Choosing of the score an online inscription system
  9. Coordinating the inscription and the draw
  10. Support of the government/city
  11. Visas and immigration

After a visit to the host venue from the Chairman, a report is prepared for the Board of Directors.

During the tournament the committee coordinates the schedule and is responsible for everything that happens in the hall. For example they oversee such things as good coordination between the medical staff, which is essential for the protection of the competitors.

We are now in the final stages of preparation for the World Championships in New Zealand, which will serve as a blueprint for the future. And we have already begun preparation for the next World Event as well. As you can imagine this is an all year round job!

We are very happy and honored to work with the best group of dedicated people who have the same interests and goals. We hope to meet you Masters, Coaches, Competitors and the Parents in the future to build this organization to be even bigger and better.


Master Coos van den Heuvel, Chair of the ITF Tournament Committee

On behalf of the Tournament Committee,
Master Coos van den Heuvel


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