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President’s Message March 2006

We are proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ITF
(22 March, 1966 – 22 March, 2006)

(March 23th 2006)


Master Trân Trieu Quân


On March 22, 1966, the ITF was founded in Seoul, Republic of Korea, by General Choi Hong Hi with nine founding member countries. It was the first international organization established to govern the development of Taekwon-Do. ITF is very proud of this honour.

Taekwon-Do became very popular, thanks to the complete physical fitness it provided to those who practised it. Its techniques are particularly appreciated for their effectiveness and their aesthetic.

The founder of the ITF, late General Choi Hong Hi, spent his life developing a scientific and logical ITF system with more than 3000 movements and 24 patterns (Chon-Ji system), integrating the use of the sine wave to generate exceptional power during movements. This technical system is a well-known system where mouvements include aesthetic, strenght and breathing. ITF Taekwon-Do provides an effective way to develop a great spirit in a healthy body.

General Choi has elaborated the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do, an exhaustive 15 volume work first published in 1983. It became the reference standard for instructors and students worldwide. ITF is one of the rare martial arts which are endowed with such rich documentation.

The ITF has also developed a complete tournament system with patterns, sparring, power test and special techniques. These events may be performed individually or in teams. The system ensures a good control and command of the techniques which are both spectacular and safe.

The ITF evolved a lot since the 1960s! At that time, the practice resembled the Karate Shotokan. Now, with the integration of the sine wave, it confers harmony and improvement.

Even though General Choi passed away June 15, 2002, the ITF is still evolving. During the last three years, your ITF team has worked very hard to modernize its administration and structure. Tools such as the new Constitution, By-Law and policies are among the important assets of this evolution/progress, as well as the new services and the new ITF website.

The dimension of the «Do», which makes ITF Taekwon-Do a true martial art, has not yet received all the attention it deserves. This is why the Teaching of the «Do» is one of our priorities. Indeed, major progress has been made on that part, but this year we will implement the first phase of this strategic program.

The art of Taekwon-Do is a world heritage. I firmly believe that the great future of ITF Taekwon-Do lies in the fullest development of its four facets: sport, martial art, way of life and tool for social development.

ITF Taekwon-Do contributes to the development of both individuals (for example, self-esteem) and society (for example, peace, freedom and justice). It provides us with the means to train ourselves in overcoming important obstacles and reach our objective to develop a better and more peaceful world. Here is our challenge: to lead Taekwon-Do into serving humanity! ITF members are citizens with strong minds in strong bodies.

We are very proud of our ITF!


Quebec, Canada, March 22, 2006

Master Trân Triêu Quân

ITF President


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