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President’s Message January 2005

Looking back over 2004

(January – February 2005)

Structure of the Organization

The ITF organizational structure is now established on a modern business-like basis. We have the revised Constitution and By-Law No. 1 to guide our decisions and procedures.

Official Policies concerning the following topics were approved by the Board of Directors in 2004:



  • The members of the ITF Communications Committee were named, and the committee was given responsibility for all communications with members – including this Web site – and for publicity for the ITF.
  • Communications with the leaders of the ITF-affiliated organizations as well as with external organizations such as sports federations, governments, etc. continue to be the responsibility of the President’s office.
  • The Secretary-General, Master Tom MacCallum, at ITF headquarters continues to take care of administration, such as registering new members, issuing ITF Instructor Plaque Certificates (teaching licenses) and Black Belt certificates, etc.


First TKD World Cup in Orlando

This open competition attracted more than 400 competitors, many not affiliated with the ITF, from 29 countries. The facilities at Disney’s Wide World of Sport Complex in Orlando were great, and the members of the organizing committee were pleased with the collaboration from the Disney people.

Since this World Cup was such a positive experience, we will be looking to organize other such competitions in prestigious locations in the future.


ITF Asia

ITF Asia was reactivated, with Master Norman Bernard of the Philippines as Acting President. The calendar of activities for 2005 will be announced soon.



ITF-USA Inc. held its first official Congress Meeting at the World Cup in Orlando, and Board of Directors was elected. The World Cup received much publicity and this helped raise awareness about ITF-USA.


New NAs in 2004:

  • Indian ITF Taekwon-Do Federation,
  • Hong Kong Taekwon-Do Federation,
  • All Russian Taekwon-Do (I.T.F.) Federation,
  • ITF Japan,
  • ITF-USA (See above.)

In addition, AITA & ITA (Ireland) were accepted as AAs.


Looking forward to 2005


Structure of the Organization

In 2005 the Constitution, By-Law No. 1, and the official policies will be applied to every aspect of ITF administration at all levels, including the affiliated organizations.


For NAs:

The leaders of the ITF NAs have already received an invitation to a Special Seminar in Dortmund (Germany) in July 2005 during the 14th Senior World Taekwon-Do Championship.

Topics to be covered include:

  • how to organize, structure, and develop an NA,
  • financial management for NAs,
  • how to run efficient, democratic meetings,
  • how to develop a plan to promote ITF TKD in your country.
    More details will be available soon.

Also during the seminar, a strategic development plan and a preliminary business plan for the ITF will be presented and explained. These development tools are offered as a service provided by the ITF to its NAs.

At the beginning of 2005 NAs will be asked to complete a survey to help the ITF team understand the situation in each country and the needs of our NAs. The survey will include the opportunity for NAs to voice their concerns and make suggestions.

The leaders of ITF NAs can expect to receive more frequent communications from the President’s office in 2005.


For Instructors:

In 2004 many instructors registered for their ITF Instructors Plaque Certificate (teaching license). In 2005 we want to offer them services through the Web site: information, teaching tools and techniques, how to teach the Do, how to evaluate exams, etc.

A number of International Instructors Courses were held during 2004, and we will continue to offer these courses whenever possible in 2005.

An International Technical Conference and training camp for 4th degree and up will be held in Benidorm (Spain) in October 2005. Instructors will have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas on technical subjects, and train together.


For Members:

  • The International Exchange Programs will be launched early in the new year;
  • We are planning to add new sections on Web site, including one for young people.

We have received several applications for new National Associations and expect announcements in first quarter of 2005. I will continue to visit as many countries as possible to work on development.

Arrangements for the 14th Senior World TKD Championship and for the 15th ITF Congress Meeting – both to be held in Dortmund (Germany) in July 2005 – are progressing well.

I am pleased to inform you that a new issue of ITF Magazine is almost ready; it will be released at the beginning of 2005.

The members of the ITF Demonstration Team will be selected during 2005. The criteria and rules as well as an application form will be posted on this Web site soon.


ITF Slogan Contest

I am sure everyone is looking forward to the announcement of the new slogan for ITF and the name of the contest winner.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the announcement yet. We have received a large number of suggestions, and the contest jury is still considering their final decision.

Watch the What’s New page for news.

I would like to conclude this message by offering to each one of you my sincere wishes for success in 2005.

By working together to build a better and stronger ITF based on the fundamental values identified by General Choi, we will demonstrate that we are worthy of continuing the legacy of our Founder.


Master Trân Trieu Quân

Master Trân Trieu Quân
Black Belt 8th Degree
ITF President


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