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President’s Message January 2004

Happy New Year! Best wishes for Health, Happiness & Prosperity in 2004!

(January 2004)

As we start the year 2004, I am very pleased to present a review the accomplishments of the ITF in 2003 and give you an idea of our plans for the coming year.

Accomplishments in 2003


The new ITF Constitution was prepared during the first six months of the year, then approved at the 14th Congress Meeting in June. The Constitution was the first step in the modernization of the ITF to make the organization more functional and efficient.

By-Law No. 1, recently approved by the Board of Directors, outlines in detail the responsibilities and scope of activities of ITF-affiliated organizations as well as of each officer of the ITF.

Policies and procedures for administration have been established, notably for financial matters.

The legal status of the members of the ITF Executive who were elected at the 14th Congress Meeting has been recognized by the authorities in Austria, where the organization is registered. Continuing legal action will ensure that control of the ITF remains in the hands of those elected according to the ITF Constitution.


A lot of time and effort went into producing the new official ITF Web site. The purpose of the site is to communicate with ITF members and with others who are interested in learning about the organization. The Web site is now also available in Spanish.

The ITF received excellent coverage in specialized publications such as TKD Times, Martial Arts Digest, and TKD Choc.

ITF President Master Trân made official visits to U.S.A, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Technical & Teaching

Four International Instructors Courses were given: one in Cologne (Germany), one in Livingston (Scotland), and two in Vancouver and Quebec city (Canada). The revised course now covers more than topics such as selfdefence, free sparrings and feedback from participants has been excellent.

The first Business Development Seminar took place in Quebec (Canada), led by Master Alberto Katz, chairman of the ITF Business development committee.

To sum up our accomplishments in 2003, we have made a good start. The structure and the tools necessary for modern, efficient administration of the ITF are now in place; we are creating a well-structured organization with a transparent administration. New and returning ITF members have commented that the concrete changes in the organization have made membership in the ITF more attractive for them.

Looking Forward to 2004


The administration of the ITF will be according to the Constitution and By-Law No. 1, as well as the policies and procedures necessary for their application.

The names of the members of the Standing Committees will soon be announced. The responsibilities of each committee have been determined; objectives for 2004 and the action plans to achieve those objectives have been identified. If you would like to contribute to the work of one of the Standing Committees, I invite you to communicate directly with the Chair of that Committee.


We will continue to update and improve the ITF Website. Parts of the site will become interactive, including various forms. There will be privileged access for holders of ITF teaching licenses. More photos will be added, as well as video clips. The French version of the Web site will be available early in the year. Publication of the annual ITF Magazine is planned for November 2004. The table of contents will be made public in the first quarter of the year, and those who are interested will be able to submit an article for consideration by the editorial committee of the magazine.

Technical & Teaching

The rules of competition are under study; they will be improved and modernized.

International Instructors Courses will be offered in various locations during the year. There will also be seminars on specialized themes such as self-defense, teaching the Do, and business development. A teacher’s manual about teaching the Do is in preparation.

The ITF will be undertaking strategic development projects in collaboration with the Continental Federations and National Associations.

The World Cup will take place on the third weekend in November at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida (U.S.A.) The competition will be open to everyone, colors and Black Belts, regardless of affiliation.

As you can see, we have lots to look forward to in 2004!

A key principle of the ITF is that the Federation belongs to its members; it must work for its members and with its members. Therefore, I take this opportunity to encourage you to send me your suggestions and comments, both favorable and unfavorable. Your feedback will help us to provide the best possible service to all ITF members.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Master Trân Trieu Quân

Black Belt 8th Degree
ITF President


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