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President’s Message December 2012

Dear ITF Members,

The New Year is approaching while we leave another one behind, a year that was not your standard one for it has featured considerable growth on our part, which tells a great deal about the high standard of  work, at all ranks in our Federation.                              

I wish to leave a record here of how greatly our family increases day by day and to say that as such it is bound to face a few tough times, yet knowing that, sooner or later, the good  times will arrive. I do hope that in this oncoming 2013 tolerance and empathy may prevail as crucial individual values and that these may be the key to harmony, joint growth and contributing to a better society. I know that our predecessors would be proud of how we do uphold those principles in our everyday   effort to surpass ourselves and that therein dwells our special secret.

Let every member enjoy a merry festivity, regardless of creed or religion, let us revel in this brand-new year, making vows for the happiness of those whom we love most, the dearest  ones  in our lives, all intimately bound, in fine health and in peacefulness.


ITF President

GM Pablo Trajtenberg


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