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President’s Message August 2010

Presidents Message August 2010

In my June Message I introduced each of the different committees we have in the ITF. These committees are all working together towards a unified goal to have the best martial arts organisation in the world. Their hard work in the particular fields of expertise is one of the key factors that make our organisation so strong.

In each of my upcoming reports, I would like to invite each of the Chairmen to give a brief summary of what their committee does. This is so you, our members, have a better understanding of how our organisation functions and the people behind it.

This month, I have the pleasure of introducing on of our newest, yet most important committees, The Development Committee, headed by Master Per Andresen. Master Andresen is an inspiration to all those that come into contact with him, and a truly shinning example of an effective leader in his own National Organisation – Norway. There could be no better person to lead our committee on the marketing and business development of the ITF.

Pablo Trajtenberg
Acting President

  • Dear GM Trajtenberg:
    I just finished reading your latest message (August 2010) on the ITF website regarding the various committees of the ITF. It’s great to see that you have taken an active role in the ITF and continuing on the legacy of General Choi and GM Tran. Thank you for your efforts in trying to make the ITF one of the best Martial Art organizations in the world. You have assembled some excellent committees whose membership includes very professional, dedicated, and creative individuals.
    I am proud to be a member of the ITF under your leadership.
    Master Scott Downey

Special Report from: Development Committee


to assist the ITF, its national members, and its Instructors to develop and manage their business

Master Per Andresen, Norway

Mr. Mark Banicevich, New Zealand
Mr. Harry Van Schaik, Netherlands

Over the past two years our committee produced several documents in according to article 4.11.6 in the ITF By-laws, which we think are very important for bringing the ITF and its members forward.

These documents are:

  1. The way forward, key ideas for developing the ITF.
  2. Marketing plan, analyses the market for Taekwon-Do and describes and illustrates SWOT analysis.
  3. Public relation guide, a step-by-step guide to get our Art into the media.
  4. Financial plan, framework instructors can use to improve and measure their personal financial performance.
  5. Business plan template, guides organizations of all levels through the business planning process.
  6. DVD, guideline to inspire the instructors to become more professional.

We aim to identify how to implement this material into the teaching program for the ITF and to be able to offer our services directly to member countries. We feel it is ineffective to produce more materials before the existing tools are used widely.

Every country has special needs and we want to tailor the material so it suits the situation and needs of each.

We also aim to create a discussion forum on internet for members to discuss development. We think it will help us to generate new ideas and identify skilled volunteers to help us and the ITF to move forward. It will also help us to identify ITF members around the world and help them to progress using online communication.

We are always open for new ideas and we do our best to assist the ITF Board with any issue they put on the agenda to progress the ITF.


Master Per Andresen



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