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President’s Message April 2014


President’s Message April 2014

When I began to imagine this message, I thought at this opportunity I would not want to talk about the magnificent success that the Kid´s Development Program is having in the world and how well it has been received by the educational and social circles and how many new doors are being opened to our instructors and our Taekwon-Do!

I also thought that I would not want to talk about the overwhelming success the Instruction Committee has, with their powerful teaching and standardization that encourage Masters and Instructors to transpire the Dobok with a homogeneous technique across the whole planet.

Furthermore, I thought that I would not be talking to you about a clear and efficient administration that in recent times, has become the Management during which more procedures have been made not only from the beginning of our administration, but since the very beginning of the ITF.

Neither would I want to talk of the tweak we gave to communications, with a new Committee that is implementing a strategic plan with many alternatives that will be known opportunely, handling a modern planning system and appropriate tools to suit the current times.

In the same sense, I would not want to talk about the new countries incorporated into the Federation, such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Cuba that is already working on our line and will have its first participation in ITF competitions at the next World Cup in Jamaica, not to mention Taiwan that will join us in the present year, and Mexico which is in advanced talks with regards to its integration into the ITF.

I would not want to comment to you about the advances in the matter of capacitation and on the availability of resources and modern tools with which, both judges and umpires, can prioritize their indispensable labor and can achieve consensus on any change required by the rules system or technique.

And much less, I would not want to be talking about the new projects on systematization and unification of criteria in the matter of Protocol, soon to be published as a manual and that along with the Safety Manual will be delivered to all students and instructors.

Not to mention the technical book The Art of Taekwon-Do ITF, now available in two versions, Spanish and English.

I would not be able to tell you about the new format of the IIC for Masters, which implies a revolutionary program, neither of the new “Harmony” program for senior adults to be presented at the mentioned Masters IIC of which the date and place will be announced shortly.

And truly, I would not want to be listing all the items about which I did not really want to have talked about. I simply wanted to tell you that all these achievements I “accidentally” mentioned, are, real and simply, a consequence of what we are. I refer above to all things, to the quality of human beings that we have grouped, sharing the passion with which we practice and teach, which ultimately is reflected in a better technical quality and formation in values of our students worldwide.

For that, yes I want to say that we will continue like this.

This is the way!

Team work and overcome each of us in their place, enjoying what we do, with the highest morals, in a fair and democratic system.

Pablo Trajtenberg



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