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President’s Message June 2010

We are headed towards a single destination: the EXCELLENCE of our Organization.

I have always had the certainty and also the ambition -as we all have- of taking ITF to the highest place in the podium of martial arts. To this aim, we must advance not only in one particular aspect but in several at once, since total excellence is achieved through the sum of the excellence of each part.

It is time to advance in order to place ITF Taekwon-Do among leading national and international institutions, taking advantage of this wonderful social instrument. Therefore, ITF is divided into different committees with distinct functions and it is their task to project our activity to a higher level. There is a whole team working in order to attain this, made up by the members of our Board and of the specific committees.

I particularly rely on the support from each of the following departments or work areas within ITF and will now proceed to present them:

The General Secretary GM Wim Bos: this highly efficient administrator is devoted to the development of an online data system which may be used from every country and which may allow each nation to access its information from anywhere in the world, for the use of the National Entity. It should show top efficiency in the certification procedures and tournament data management.

The Technical Committee, led by GM Héctor Marano: this will systematize technique and provide structure to the courses and higher grades, turning the International Instructor into an example of the quality which an Instructor may reach.

The Tournament Committee, headed by Master Coos van den Heuvel: is a new and significant initiative, since we understand that the sports area is one of ITF´s main features and we shall carry on in our federation to develop tournaments with punctuality, fair play, efficiency in the setting up of tournament draws, and improving all possible aspects including the field of electronics.

The Umpire Committee, led by Master Alberto Katz: the growth of this committee goes hand in hand with the growth of quality within the sports area. We will work to enhance the referee`s role and continually work towards the highest standards possible in refereeing.

ITF´s Ethics and Discipline Committee, led by Master Evan Davidson who is in charge of the protocol to be employed in every international event in order to preserve the tradition and respect for our seniors and also the administration of fairness to attain the greatest respect possible for our federation.

The Committee for the Development of ITF, headed by Master Per Andresen: this will provide support to all areas that may need marketing and development of new projects and initiatives.

The Communications Committee, led by Master Paul McPhail: which is at the origin of this present article. It will provide support to every project that may require such an important resource as effective communication and will ensure the continuity of our TKD Generation magazine, possibly in a digital format in order to facilitate distribution.

The Promotion Committee, headed by GM Van Binh, which guarantees the quality of high Grades.

The newly formed Children´s Committee, to be conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi: this has developed under my supervision and a new programme will soon be implemented around the world. This is an interactive programme between the instructor and the child´s parents, where for the first time the DO is given due relevance within ITF´s teaching programmes and which opens a whole new market for all our instructors.

The Do Work Committee, led by Dr. Janel Gauthier, with the contribution of Joliette Tran, who carries on with GM Tran Trieu Quan´s invaluable work.

There are also other solid teams working alongside, such as the one of Master Paul Weiler and of Master Tadeusz Loboda whose projects we cannot disclose yet owing to reasons of confidentiality but whose scope will soon become known.

The work of Master Juan Ferrando, who pours all his experience into the co-ordination with sponsors and creates a link between ITF´s administration and its legal counselling.

The recently created bond between the Board and the umpires and tournament committees, led by Master Clint Norman.

And yet the ever valuable contributions from GM Tom McCallum and our special adviser Mr. Russell McLellan.

And of course the valuable work and advice from continental presidents Master Loboda, Master Michael Daher, Master Alfred Yu and GM Javier Dacak.

This is merely their introduction, now it is their turn to speak out and introduce the members of each of their respective work teams!

Pablo Trajtenberg
Acting President


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