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Open Championship Taekwon­Do ITF of Czech Republic 2016

One year ago, the term of next czech championship of Taekwon­Do ITF was presented. The most important day for all competitors was approaching very quickly and the time for training got shorter.

At morning Saturday 14th May first competitors arrived to sporthall of Elementary school of Benátky nad Jizerou. This year list of participated clubs was very varied icluded some new names of clubs. 11 czech clubs arrived to the competition: Ge­Baek Mladá Boleslav, Taekwon­Do Milovice, Tong­il České Budějovice, Sonkal Praha, Taekwon­Do Silla, Sparring Mnichovice, Taekwon­do Sabom, TKD Benátky nad Jizerou, TKD Pečky, Taekwon­Do Strančice a Czech Taekwon­Do I.T.F. Asociation. This list of partipated schools from three czech national associations is proof of the fact that gen. Choi ́s idea about united Taekwon­Do is still alive. In total were participated 138 competitors, 26 coaches and 20 referees.

At 10 a.m., after finishing registration, corrections in cathegories and meeting of coaches and referees, all competitors lined up for opening ceremony leaded by president of Czech National Taekwon­Do Union, Mr. Viktor Stein, IV. Dan.

There were preparated four rings for competition, one of this was for cathegories Special techniques and Power test. As ussually, competition started with tull cathegories of the smallest competitors. These cathegories was the most occupied. It was not exceptional that in one cathegories started more than 20 competitors. In these cathegories competitors had to go through 4 elimination rounds to compete in final round. As we went along the competition, diplomas and medalls were awarded. Alongside tull cathegories there were cathegories Special techniques and Power test on ring nr. 4.

At 13.30 cathegories of tulls were done. So we started with matsogi and team tulls. In total 13 teams were registrated. They were divided to childs and adults teams. Cathegories of matsogi started again with the smallest competitors. Winners of cathegories was awarded with diploma, medall and gift­bag from our honoured sponzor – shop with martial arts equipment named Hayashi. As the last cathegory there were our biggest competitors – seniors +85 kg. This is the most watched and most attractive for spectators. The last one match ended on 5.15 p.m.

As last the most succesfull competitors were awarded:

Child female – Rozálie Pačesová (Taekwon­Do Strančice)

Child male – Erik Haluška (Taekwon­Do Benátky nad Jizerou)

Junior female – Tereza Štekerová (Sonkal Prague)

Junior male – Samuel Pasler (Taekwon­Do Strančice)

Senior female – Tereza Žilinská (Sonkal Prague)

Senior male – Jiří Huml (Sonkal Prague)

The closing ceremony was leaded again by president of CzNTU, Mr. Viktor Stein.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, especially to MV Pring&Graphics, Hayashi, 3R Service CZ and Sokol Benátky nad Jizerou, competitors, referees, travers, coaches and all other people who helped us to arrange this amazing event. We are looking forward next year Championship of Czech republic…



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