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Online seminar with Master Willy Van de Mortel and Jorge Gubbels

  The Russia Taekwon-Do Federation do all efforts possible to keep its members updated and motivated during this difficult times. Promote the ones that are doing online trainings and invite famous instructors. According this policy on 10th of may Master Willy Van de Mortel, ITF hall of fame member, and Jorge Gubbels was invited.
As always Master Willy Van de Mortel shared his priceless knowledge and experience. During this on line lesson we had 38576 views!!!
We express our gratitude to Master Willy Van de Mortel and Jorge Gubbels that they kindly accepted our invitation. Personally I strongly recommend all ITF leaders to invite Master Willy for seminars. If You want to be the best You have to learn from the best.
ITF Vice-president Master Lazaros Tsilfidis

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