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One more big group joins ITF Russia


You may have noticed that every Year big groups from difrent Taekwon-Do organizations joins the Taekwon-Do Federation of Russia.

2019 was not an exception! The biggest group that joined us was a team that are located in Krasnoyarsk district in Siberia. They have totally 600 students 13 instructors and they are training in 24 Do jangs.

This is a result of hard work, friendly policy, and good services we provide.

Sincerely Yours,

Tsilfidis Lazaros

P.S. This group came to us from the ITF (Austria). More information about their instructors You can see below.

Coaching staff

Name: Taekwondo Federation (ITF) of the Krasnoyarsk Region


Coaching staff: 13 instructors

24 Do Jang 

About 600 competitors

For more details, please download the following document: Coaching staff of the Krasnoyarsk Federation


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