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IUC 22 Report

The 22 IUC held in Vancouver, Canada on January 23 and 24, 2016 was a great success! The course was instructed by ITF Umpire Committee chairman Master Alberto Katz and ITF Umpire Committee members Master Ruben Suarez and Master Kurt Ottesen. Special guest instructors were ITF Technical Committee members Master Pierre Laquerre and Master Clint Norman. There were 71 participants from Canada, United States, Jamaica and Italy. The IUC was hosted by Mr. Rod Johnson VI from Vancouver, Canada.


IUC 22 included 3 fully equipped rings complete with most recent ITF electronic scoring systems and IT staff, power and specialty breaking machines, multimedia presentation and ring council interactive practice exercises.The Masters presented the IUC material, including the new ITF pattern scoring format, with focus, clarity and enthusiasm while keeping to the posted schedule. They always made time for questions and practical work to help students better understand the material. Master Laquerre and Master Norman enhanced the seminar with clarification on technical issues, pattern performance and participation in the practical components of the course.On Saturday evening, after a full day of intense learning, those who attended the wonderful banquet were treated to music provided by a three piece jazz trio.


The IUC course gets better and better. Make every effort to attend one. You will be amazed at how much information the Masters pack into a relatively short time and will leave the seminar feeling invigorated and much better prepared for your next tournament whether you are participating as an umpire, a coach, a competitor or a team manager.


Master Katz, Master Suarez, and Master Ottesen did an amazing job at presenting the information in a very dynamic and interactive way, using multimedia, and three rings with TV screens and electronic scoring systems. The addition of Master Norman and Master Laquerre of the Technical Committee was also very helpful. By far the best IUC I have ever attended. A big thank you to Mr. Rod Johnson for his hospitality and for organizing such a successful and high quality event.

Master Scott Downey 8th degree CTFI Umpire Director:
” I want to congratulate you for the wonderful IUC we had in Vancouver. Masters Katz, Suarez and Ottesen performed a superb job and with the assistance of members of the Technical Committee the ITF set a very high standard for the IUC. It was a real milestone in umpire courses “

Master Carlos Ramirez 8th degree member ITF Ethics and Discipline Committee:
This was a very well organized, informative and interactive umpire course. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and delivery of the material, as well as the hands on training we experienced. The best IUC yet!! “

Mr. Ken Mackenzie 6th degree CTFI Executive Vice President:
“Thank you for all of your efforts, it was an awesome course! The set up, organization, banquet and scheduling were perfect. I learned so much and feel more confident now. I highly recommend attending an IUC.”

Ms. Beth Wong 3rd degree

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