Registration World Cup 2018 , Australia


World Cup Registration

From March 1st 2018, Team Managers will be able to register competitors through the ITF online system, on the link Sportdata.
1.- Any clubs that need an ITF online Club user , needs to contact their National Association office , in order to get it.
2.- if you already has your Club user account , you easily will make the registration.

Clubs who are NOT members of the ITF with Headquarters in Spain will be able to register after 1st March through the Sportdata Website, under the heading of ITF Events using the following procedure:

  1. Create an account (Club Name) with Sportdata
  2. Go to “ITF Events” and choose World Cup Event
  3. Click “Register”
  4. A notice will appear acknowledging that their registration has been noted
  5. The request for registration access will be sent directly to them by the Tournament Committee, via email, upon approval of the ITF National Association of that country.
  6. Upon approval the online registration process will be open and the club will then be able to populate their entry details.

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