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Instructor Workshop in Trinidad with Master Gato Gato

Master Gato Gato arrived in Trinidad on Friday 24th June 2016. Mr Ryan Walker from Barbados also came to Trinidad to participate in the workshop.

The workshop started at 9am the next day at the Presentation College auditorium in San Fernando, South Trinidad. This workshop was specifically for the Coloured belts students. It was a tremendous success, all the schools were represented. In the Afternoon Master Gato Gato tested Mr. Paul Waithe to 3rd Dan. The exam went well. In the evening the black belts trained with Master Gato Gato at my home.

The next day (Sunday 25th June) the instructors trained with Master Gato Gato for 6 hours in the rural areas of central Trinidad at one of our community based schools. All 9 Coloured belt patterns were covered.

This was the first time a Master Instructor conducted a workshop in Trinidad, Master Gato Gato system of teaching is amazing, we will be adopting his teaching methodology, his Dojang management processes and his National Association structure, we will also be sending our instructors to Puerto Rico for one month interval to learn these things in great detail directly from him and immediately implement them here. This will accelerate our progress considerable.

While here Master Gato Gato, myself, Ryan Walker and Paul Waithe discussed in great detail how we can build and strengthen Taekwon-Do in all 26 island of the Caribbean. This will be our priority as well.

Master Gato Gato left Trinidad Monday morning.
Ryan Rampair V Dan
Chief instructor / ITF representative
Trinidad and Tobago Taekwon-Do Federation

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