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In Memory of Grandmaster Trần Triệu Quân

Dear Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors!
Dear ITF Members!

January 2020 marks a date that will surely remain in painful memories:

10 years ago, in January 2010, we lost our then President GM Tran Trieu Quan, who tragically lost his life in the Haitian earthquake.

We lost a leader who showed us a way to maintain the legacy of the founder, General Choi.

We lost a visionary who initiated countless projects that we still benefit from today.

We lost a man of inspiration.

We lost a role model and a Friend.

Do you remember that he started a program to re-establich the ITF in Vietnam, his homeland, and one of the ITF founding members in 1966?

Do you remember that he initiated the activities for Africa in 2007 at the Board Meeting in Quebec City?

Do you remember that he started the „DO project” with the help of Dr. Gauthier? Nowadays Dr. Gauthier is the Chair of the „Do & Ethics Committee and his daughter, Master Joliette Tran, is a member of this Committee.

Do you remember that he conducted the first leadership Camp in Honduras in 2006 and we want to revive his idea this year and will offer a new leadership seminar in Costa Rica in May and in July in Ethiopia (Africa).

His definition of TKD was and still is trend-setting and is also part of our by-laws:

“TKD ITF is a Martial Art, a Sport, a Way of Life and a Tool to develop our Society!” Our thoughts are with him and his family. With deep respect!
GM Paul Weiler

ITF President


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