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IKC 15 held in London

Written by: Izabela Łoboda

Photo: Joanna Lipa


On 10-11th of October 2015 in Impact Academy in Croydon held place 15th ITF International Kids Course organized by Master Russell Dennis VII DAN – Technical Director – ITF England.

The course was conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi VIII DAN, the Chairman of the ITF Children Development Committee and one of the KIDS program creators.
The course was attended by 31 participants from eight countries such as: Denmark, England, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland and Slovenia. In addition to the instructors who wanted to start their journey with teaching kids were many recognizable instructors with experience and successes, such as Masters Dennis Russel VII Dan and Anthony McKenna Dan- VII both from England and Mr. Thomas Brandt – President ITF Denmark – V Dan, Mr. Umesh Vijapura V Dan – England, Mr. Uros Bernard V Dan – Slovenia, Mr. Csaba Bekassy V Dan – Hungary and Joanna Lipa V Dan – Poland.
The event began on Saturday at 9:00 am with the registration of participants. During the 12 hours course Master Nardizzi presented various examples of activities, games and playful exercises. He discussed the psychological aspects of children’s behavior, outlined in detail the structure and objectives of TKD KIDS program. Also he pointed out importance of gradual increase in the level of difficulty in basic tasks for children and answered many of the questions submitted by participants
All classes were interactive, the contestants enjoyed themselves playing the role of children. Master Nardizzi showed his many talents in acting and a great sense of humor, making everybody laugh and enjoy his lessons. Saturday evening for willing participants the banquet was provided, which passed in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone could taste great number of delicious dishes and have fun with new friends from other countries. The other prticipants could explore London or rest after eventfull day.
After completing the course, each participant received the diploma and CD with materials that can be used during the classes in their own countries.

Master Donato Nardizzi expressed the hope that the program of ITF Taekwon-Do KIDS will become the largest and most popular program for children education in all member countries of the International Taekwon – Do Federation. All participants of the course had a great time. It was very substantial, included many innovative exercises and games. And for sure we recommend it for every instructor who like working with kids. Additionally this the only one course that is recognised by the ITF.

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