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IIC Paris, 2016 Report

The very first International Instructor Course in France was held on 26 and 27 of November, 2016. This historical event was organized by the Association Taekwon-do ITF France and the ITF Technical Committee in Paris.

The event took place in the exceptional campus of INSEP (French abbreviation, stands for ‘National Institute of Sport, expertise, and performance’) – the biggest and the most modern sports complex in Paris for elite athletes gave the opportunity to learn where the very best of sportsmen and sportswomen of France are training.

The 114th IIC was conducted by the ITF Technical Committee, with Grandmaster Hector Marano, Grandmaster Ung Kim Lang and Master Paul McPhail. GM Paul Weiler (senior Vicepresident of ITF) and GM Bos(ITF director) former member of Technical Committee were also present

264 participants has registered for this occasion from the 1st degree up to 8th degree. The seminar again was a perfect opportunity to learn, to share the new ideas, to clear things up and to discuss the technical details of Taekwon-do.

On Saturday, right after the technical part an exam was held for many candidates. A handful of Instructors and Masters got their next degree in Paris, even some of them was promoted to the rank of Master. We would like to express our congratulations for all of them.

At the closing ceremony Master McPhail has explained that there are a lot new ideas coming for the upcoming IICs, so be prepared! The next IICs will be held in New Zealand (February, 2017), New York, USA (April, 2017), Greece (April, 2017).

Mr Lylian Doulay


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