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The International Instructor course took place between the 15th and the 17th of April and was directed by the International Taekwon-do Federation’s Technical  Committee, formed by Grandmasters Hector Marano and Lan.

During the morning of the 15th of April, the Grandmasters were invited to an interview by a local radio in which, they talked about the importance of the course for development of Taekwon-Do in Peru and how Taekwon-Do is an excellent social tool for obtaining a more harmonious and less violent social life.

The course began during the afternoon with a total of 123 participants as well as instructors from: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia, United States, Italia and Paraguay; marking a new record for Peruvian Taekwon-Do. The event also had the honor of having eight Dan Master Azucena Zorzon, Master Marcelo Vatrano, Master Rodolfo Carrera and Master Marcelo Pedrini to whom we’re grateful for their participation.

During the course, the focus was on forms and combat systems, (Tul and Yatso Matsogui) correcting said forms and unifying technical concepts, the participants were grateful and paid attention to the teachings from the GMs.

During the afternoon of the 16th the exam for the Argentinean, Brazilian and Peruvian instructors took place, resulting in the Instructor Andres Peñavasquez obtaining 6th DAN, one of the highest graduations in Peru, we also now count with a new 5th DAN and four new 4th DAN instructors.

On that Saturday’s evening we had dinner in honor of the GM’s for dictating the first IIC in Peru, that night was very special since we also celebrated 61 years of Taekwon-Do, we tasted the Peruvian cuisine, and were delighted with the variety of our gastronomy.

We are eternally grateful to the Technical Committee and the Grandmasters for their easy to understand and clear teachings, thanks to all the participants we hope that you felt at home during your stay, we will be waiting for you next year when the South-American tourney takes place here in Peru.


Tulio Flores
IV Dan
President of the Peruvian Taekwon-Do Confederation


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