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IIC 106 Successfully held in Finland

ITF Finland had the privilege to host the 106th IIC. This was the second IIC Finland had hosted and we can assure you that after this experience it won’t be the last.

The ITF technical committee present for the event, comprising of Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Ung and Master McPhail stunned us once again with their knowledge as well as the way they worked as a cohesive team.
We also had the pleasure to have as special guest Grand Master Weiler, who shared with us his knowledge about physiology and a very scientific approach to training and this for the first time as a Grand Master.
We also had the pleasure to have 2 members from the AETF and ITF board: Master Tadeusz Loboda and Master Lazaros Tsilfidis.
For the Kids course, Master Nardizzi reminded us once again of the importance of pedagogy and was a real inspiration.

Members from Ukraine, Belgium, France, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Greece, Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Norway and of course Finland gave this event a genuine international touch. We had also a real treat by having among us very famous umpires and competitors, pushing the technical committee to go in depth with explanations and application. Among those present were Mr Jaroslaw Suska from Poland, Mr Lylian Doulay from France, Mr Oleg Solovey and Mrs Katya Solovey from Ukraine and Ms Joanna Lipa from Poland.

At the end of the 3 days, the main message that came across was that the fluid rhythm of the patterns has been lost in competition and needs to be brought back.

Until next time,

Master Thierry Meyour

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