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IIC 101, Regina, Canada – Report

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada was the host province for the 101st IIC. The seminar instructors were GM Bos, GM Lan and Master Norman all members of the ITF Technical Board. In attendance were 127 Black belts from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and USA.

The IIC started with Master Norman welcoming are the participants and introducing the Grand Masters.


After the introductions GM Bos instructed the group with a dynamic warm up which was followed by explanation of basic techniques. GM Lan then took over and demonstrated the application of techniques from the first five patterns using one step sparring. Once the session was completed, Master Norman reviewed and made corrections on patterns Chon Ji – Yul Gok.


After the lunch break GM Lan lead the group in a warm up and sparring combinations, all the participant seem to enjoy his knowledge and expertise. The participants were then divided into two groups, one with Master Norman who taught the application of the techniques for patterns Joong Gun – Choong Moo performing one step sparring. At the Same time the other group worked with GM Lan on pattern So San. GM Bos then taught patterns Joong Gun – Choong Moo. Following GM Bos the group worked on kicking drills with Master Norman while the other group worked with GM Lan on patterns Se-Jong and Tong II finishing up day one.


Saturday evening the host organized a welcome banquet for the Grand Masters and participants of the IIC. Master Norman welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. It was a short night as the IIC started again at 9:00 the next morning.


Sunday morning started with Master Norman conducting warm ups and patterns for 1st degree. GM Bos taught and corrected the patterns for 2nd degree while GM Lan taught self Defense to the 1st degree.

Once GM Lan had finished his session on self defense, he taught 3rd degree patterns while Master Norman worked with the 1st and 2nd degrees performing kicking combinations with the paddles.


In the afternoon of the last day GM Bos took the 4th – 7th degree and worked on 4th degree patterns while GM Lan and Master Norman reviewed the patterns with the 1st – 3rd degrees. Towards the end of the day GM Bos taught practical self defense and traditional sparring.


During the closing ceremonies, GM Bos was presented with the 101st IIC banner signed by all which also represented his last IIC in which he would teach. GM Bos will now move on to conducting the ICC around the world for the ITF.


All participants went home full of new training ideas and technical knowledge and will look forward to attending more IIC in the future.


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