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Happy Birthday Taekwon-Do!

Dear Taekwon-Do Family!
Today is a very special day for everyone in Taekwon-Do.
Today 65 years ago, the General gave the initial kick-off that would definitely change our lives.
On April 11th, 1955, began a passion story inspired by patriotism and the indomitable spirit of a man who was able to create an art that became a legacy for humanity began.
I invite you to bring our sincere tribute to General Choi Hong Hi today from wherever we are.
Remembering his values, his teachings, practicing at home, reading his books or simply thinking about the dimension of his work.
Today more than ever we have in mind General Choi, who has given us Taekwon-Do for life.
Happy Birthday Taekwon-Do!
Thank you General Choi Hong-Hi!
GM Paul Weiler

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