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GM Willem Jacob Bos

Candidature for the position of President


Mandate: 2019-2023


7th Message – ITF Taekwon-Do as a Martial Art & Sport

Dear Members of the ITF,

In a few days, many of us will meet at the ITF World Championships in Inzell, Germany, an event that will attract 1,234 black belt athletes, 375 coaches and 120 umpires from 64 nations as well as the many spectators who will be in the arena and those around the world enjoying the event through the live stream, while cheering on their loved ones.

The World Championships is the most important event on the ITF calendar and a wonderful opportunity for us all to enjoy. The occasion, the atmosphere & emotions, the level of the best athletes and exponents of our martial art, the dedication and focus of our umpires, officials and coaches and the careful planning and management of the organisers and committees will all come together in what will be an event to be proud of.

We are all so privileged to be part of this wonderful martial art developed by our founder General Choi Hong Hi and I am sure he would be very proud of how his martial art has grown and developed as one of the most exciting and dynamic sports in the world.

Taekwon-Do as a martial art and a sport are truly intertwined and share so many common values and principles. Through our sport we clearly see our tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit, lived out on the tatami each day. As well as this we see so many other values on display such as honesty, commitment, work-ethic, humility, respect, pursuit of excellence, dealing with success as well as failures, as well as the fun, camaraderie and team work that comes with representing your country.

I feel privileged to have had a long career in ITF Taekwon-Do and I have given so much of my energy, passion and skills to develop ITF Taekwon-Do as a sport as well as a martial art. I did this and will continue to do this if I have the honour of being the next President of ITF as I believe that both the martial art and sport must be developed in balance in order for ITF to keep growing, developing and moving forward.

As you will see when reading my last six messages on the ITF website ( ), I have a modern vision of the future, while remaining faithful to the legacy of the Founder, General Choi.

General Choi saw in me, someone with the personality, leadership qualities and skills to take over the management of ITF Tournaments from 1993 at the Junior World Championships in Moscow, Russia, when he personally asked me to take on this role. Prior to this I had a successful career as a competitor, and as a national coach to many successful teams and athletes, however I decided to put all this to one side to dedicate my life to the betterment of ITF and of our Sport. As a competitor, coach and instructor, I developed an understanding and empathy for the needs of our members and this made it an easy decision to take on this leadership role.

From that point I worked tirelessly to develop our modern tournament and umpire rules, categories, manuals and documents to modernise and professionalise our championships. Over the years under my guidance and working with the ITF board and committees I have given all my efforts to keep driving our championships forward and I can say I am truly proud and humbled with how far we have come.

My experience in the development of our sport and championships led me to several other leadership and management positions in the ITF over the years such as Treasurer & Secretary General of ITF, President of AETF, member of the ITF Technical Committees for the first 100 IICs, Director of ITF with the responsibility of developing our sport; always with a similar goal in mind, the development of the ITF as a martial art and a sport for betterment and benefit of our members.

Together over the years we have achieved a lot, however, I feel we can achieve so much more, which is why I have set out a clear development plan for our martial art.

Through the medium of our sport, the ITF has achieved recognition of bodies such as TAFISA and WADA. These are fundamental steps along the road to recognition by bodies such as GAISF and the IOC. These of course are long term but achievable goals, only possible through the implementation of a strategic plan. Parallel to this we must keep investing in our development across all regions of the world as well as in the visibility of our martial art, sport and our brand. We must keep offering services to our members through training courses and seminars such as IICs and IUCs but also through new programmes such as a recognised coaching qualification, the first steps of which will be discussed at the 1st ITF Coaches’ Conference taking place in Ireland from June 28th to 30th.

I invite you once more to read my messages on the ITF website and reflect on the fact that this is a vision that involves you, the members. Under my leadership, you will have a say, you will be involved in the future direction and shaping of our martial art.

Next week let us enjoy a wonderful ITF World Championships, and on the last day, make the choice to elect one by one the people you believe are best suited to develop the ITF with your voice and needs in mind.


Yours in Taekwon-Do

GM Willem Jacob Bos

Candidate for President.


6th Message – Embracing Diversity & Inclusion in the ITF


Dear Members of the ITF,


As you will clearly see, when reading my messages on the ITF website:


  • My Vision & Goals for ITF
  • Creating a Strategic Plan for ITF
  • A Continental & Regional Development Plan for ITF
  • My plan for Committees for the ITF
  • Letter to Grandmasters of the ITF


A common theme running through all of my messages is inclusion. You, the members, must have a voice, an ability to contribute and be involved in the development, growth and future direction of the ITF.


I fully embrace & celebrate the diverse family we have around the world. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, age, religion, location in the world or your physical or mental abilities, through the vision, goals and plans I have set out, I want to make ITF Taekwon-Do accessible for all.


With this in mind I want to inform you, that I have already started to collaborate with the host of the next ITF World Cup, Master Tomaz Barada, to have the first Special Needs & Inclusion categories as part of the competition at this World event.


In order to prepare for this wonderful occasion, we will work with official bodies in the area of special needs & inclusion, who along with the newly appointed Special Needs & Inclusion Committee, will guide and coordinate the process of creating a syllabus and programme, education and training courses and giving the opportunity to us all to move with this new initiative and increase our knowledge and understanding in this important area.


This will also involve working closely with our tournament & umpire committees on the design and layout of the categories and preparing our instructors, coaches and umpires over the coming year to be ready for the World Cup Inclusion categories.


Many of you are already working with students in your clubs as part of specialised programmes or your mainstream classes who are lucky, through your dedication and work, to be able to enjoy ITF Taekwon-Do. We want to make this opportunity available to all ITF schools and clubs around the world as well as giving the opportunity to those of you already working in this area to contribute as well as up skill.


It is only fair and right that those with special needs or disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy the challenge, fun, excitement and atmosphere of ITF competition, the wonderful physical and mental benefits of training in an ITF class and the camaraderie that comes with being part of an ITF school. Therefore we are now taking this new step.


You will be able to learn more about the area of inclusion & working with those with special needs and disabilities at the 1st ITF coaches’ conference, taking place in Ireland at the end of June. At this event we will have an expert from the official body in Ireland “CARA” a government organisation providing a collaborative platform to enhance sport & physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities. This body has already agreed to work closely with us and guide us along this new path.

As well as this the PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education) project has recently been launched under the auspices of the UNESCO chair for inclusive Physical Education, Sport, Fitness and Recreation. The ITF has been involved in the creation of this programme and we look forward to continuing our partnership with these official bodies and programmes as we embark on developing our own ITF specific education programmes.

Since releasing my last message about committees for the ITF I have already received many messages of support and expressions of interest from ITF members wanting to be involved and contribute their skills to the ITF. If you have the skills, background and qualifications to be involved in the special needs and inclusion committee or any other of the new committees or you simply want to give your feedback or ideas, do not hesitate about getting in touch. I can be contacted at and I would be very happy to hear from you.


As outlined in my last message, we will of course advertise the official selection process of these new committees through the ITF website following the upcoming elections to set the wheels in motion for this important new era in the development of our martial art.


I look forward to hearing from many of you soon!


Together We Move forward!


Yours in Taekwon-Do

GM Willem Jacob Bos

Candidate for President.


Committees of the ITF (5th message)

Dear Members of the ITF,

As a follow up to my already published messages which you can read at this link on the ITF website;, where you will see clearly how I have outlined my overall vision and goals for ITF, details of implementing a Strategic Plan for the ITF, as well as a Continental & Regional Development plan and my letter to the ITF Grandmasters, who will be critical to protecting and maintaining our traditions as a martial art and the legacy of our Founder, General Choi Hong Hi;

I want to now share with you my vision and plans regarding committees for the ITF in the next period.

Our plan for committees will have a two-phased approach.

For all current committees, we will sit with the chairperson of each committee, to review all their teams work for ITF and achievements over the last period, set new goals and targets for the future, and see where, if any, changes or amendments may be needed, such as adding to their teams. Where we identify, together, a need to bring in fresh skill sets and abilities, we will ensure an open process where all of you will be able to apply in writing with your CV and we will choose the most suitable applicants for each role.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge all current committees for their dedication and work, who along with the current board of ITF have been an integral part of bringing the ITF to where we are today.

In order to move to an even higher level of development and growth, we will continue to work closely with the current committees as well as form several new committees and teams.

You will have equal opportunity to be considered by the board for these important roles. We will advertise, through the ITF website so that ITF members with the appropriate skills, knowledge and desire to drive the ITF forward can be selected.

We will also outline very clear roles and mandates for each committee to ensure they are working in line with agreed objectives, guided by the ITF strategic plan and each committee will have a budget assigned to aid them in achieving their goals and tasks. Each committee will also have a direct liaison on the board to ensure maximum coordination and that all are working towards a shared and agreed vision and plan.

 New committees to be formed and appointed:

  • Coaches Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Athletes Committee
  • Special Needs & Inclusion Committee
  • Grandmasters Committee/Advisory Council
  • As part of the Continental & Regional Development plan we will also form development & leadership teams to help with the growth and development of ITF in each part of the world

We may also form more committees and teams as we identify our needs when creating our strategic plan

To ensure all committees and the ITF board are working in harmony, we will hold an annual meeting which will involve the board of ITF and each committee. This will aid all committees to collaborate with and create a direct link to the ITF board, plan, review, set targets and goals, share experiences and ensure we move forward with a shared vision and strategy to develop and improve the ITF at all levels.

As with all my other plans and goals for ITF in this next period, this can not be achieved alone and I look forward to your collaboration and giving the opportunity to many skilled, passionate and qualified people who are part of our wonderful ITF family around the world to be part of this process.

If you would like to be considered for any existing or new committee, do not hesitate we need YOU! and become part of Together We Move Forward.

I can be contacted at, if you would like to express an interest to be involved or to give your ideas and feedback to any of my goals, vision and plans for ITF.

We will announce the official selection process shortly following the upcoming elections.

Yours in Taekwon-Do

GM Willem Jacob Bos

Candidate for President.


4th Message Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos
Candidate for President
Message for the GrandMaster in the ITF

My wish is to take care about democracy and having persons around me with knowledge, ability and a great will to make the ITF the very best martial art federation creating an enormous visibilty in the worldwide.

Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and practioners help me to make this wish come true.

To keep the legency of General Choi Hong Hi, I address to you Grand Masters to TOGETHER WE MOVE FORWARD based on tenents and principles.

Dear Grandmasters of the ITF,

I trust you are all well. I want you to know I have been giving thought and consideration as to how we can give all Grandmasters a special place in our ITF community. I would like very much to create the opportunity for our most senior and respected members to remain involved in and play an active part in our ITF.

For example, I would like to create a Grandmasters Advisory Council, in order for the ITF board to have a connection to our seniors and to seek their advice & experience on relevant matters.

This council could also create an opportunity for all Grandmasters to communicate on a more regular basis, discuss our wonderful martial art, network and share ideas and experiences, meet, socialise and put on the dobok and enjoy some training together.

It is also my wish that we may use this council of Grandmasters to help us when appropriate in teaching seminars and courses, or if we have a question or doubt that we have a group of seniors to collaborate with; each of you has a wealth of knowledge and we should be tapping into this more often.

It is also important that all Grandmasters are invited to our world events as VIP guests and it is my hope that in the future ITF can subsidise your accommodation costs so that you can all be present at our World Championships and World Cup events.

As the ITF continues to grow, modernise and move with the times, it is only right that young and qualified persons will begin take on more official roles at board and committee level, this is something we should embrace and will serve to strengthen our community, however, I am also mindful of the need to keep our connection to our roots, our founder, our values and traditions as a martial art and with this in mind it is vital to keep a role and important status for our Grandmasters.

I hope that you agree with me on this important matter, please feel free to contact me with your feedback and ideas and I look forward to discussing this in more detail with you in person soon also.
If I have the honour of being elected as President of the ITF at the Congress on April 28th in Inzell, Germany this will be one of the first tasks I look forward to implementing, with your support and collaboration.


Yours sincerely,

Grandmaster Willem Jacob Bos
Candidate for ITF President



 3rd Message

A Continental & Regional Development & Action Plan for the ITF

Dear members,

As well as implementing the first strategic planning document for the ITF, which will clearly outline the goals and targets to develop & grow ITF and bring us to the next level, together with your collaboration, another key goal of mine for this next period is to create and implement a Continental & Regional Development and Action Plan for the ITF.

This Plan will outline how we will go about developing, growing, increasing the technical, structural and administrative levels in each continent & region and to continue to drive our ITF forward and in the right direction.

This document will be an action plan created by the board but with the collaboration of the ITF members including those from the regions and continents to be developed and helped. Together, we will identify the specific needs of each continent and region and put together a plan with short, medium and long-term goals, clear timelines and steps outlining how these goals will be achieved.

It will involve investment as well as creating leadership and development teams to work with and in each continent & region. We will listen carefully to those within those regions and use their feedback to guide the plan.

As an already established example, the ITF over the last number of years has invested 100,000 Euro to help with the development of Africa and member countries located there; this investment, together with the donations of our members and under the guidance of Grandmaster Weiler, has enabled the ITF to become established in a number of new countries, conduct seminars and courses, establish a development team and help that continent and region to grow.

In the next period through the creation of our development & action plan, we will set budgets and targets for other regions also and create development and leadership teams to help ITF members in those regions. Each of you will have an opportunity to be part of this process, as we will set out a clear and transparent selection process for those who wish to be involved and part of these teams. We will also count on your input and collaboration in the creation of the action plan.

Each continent and region has common but also unique needs, depending on the location, economic status, religion and culture, whether ITF already exists there or not, the level and expertise of existing clubs, instructors and associations.

Therefore, the development and action plan will give the specific supports needed depending on where, what and who we are helping & developing.

For example for already well established continents and regions, we will create closer links to the continental boards and national association members in order to ensure we are working to common goals which are mutually beneficial and ensure strong regions continue to grow and flourish, be it through support in getting more countries recognised by their government, attracting new members and supporting well functioning continental and national boards to do even better.

We will put in place different plans for regions and countries that need support at different levels e.g. Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Asia; be it with seminars and courses or help with administration and structure, depending on the needs identified in our action plan.

It is also an aim of mine to develop a plan and course of action to establish and re-establish ITF in countries and regions where we do not currently have any members, by attracting past members to return or starting afresh at grass roots level in countries where we never have had a presence, in order to bring the ITF to all parts of the world and make our wonderful martial art accessible to everyone.

As with the strategic plan for the ITF, this cannot be done alone, we must work together for the growth, development and betterment of the ITF for all.


Yours sincerely,

Grandmaster Willem Jacob Bos

Candidate for ITF President


2nd Message

A Strategic Plan for the ITF – A Shared Vision for the Future

Dear ITF members,

I want to inform you that one of my first goals if I have the honour and privilege of being elected as the next ITF President, is to create a Strategic Plan for the development & growth of the ITF.

I firmly believe that the creation of this document will give us a clear focus as an organisation in this upcoming period. It will enable us to see where we are now, lay the foundations and path for where we want to go and put in place the steps as to how we are going to get there. The ITF Strategic plan will outline a clear vision and goals, allow us to clearly articulate our core values as a community, with defined outcomes, accountability and a clear mandate for the ITF board and committees.

Our strategic plan will allow us to collaborate, brainstorm, discuss, reflect and act upon what we identify as our strengths, what current weaknesses we have and how can we deal with them, what opportunities we see ahead for ITF at global, regional and national levels, what threats or impediments we can identify to our ITF and how we can adapt and create a clear plan based on this analysis to deal with them and move the ITF forward in the right direction.

As someone who is privileged to be in a leadership position in this wonderful community, the ITF, I want to give you the members a voice and a platform to have your needs heard and articulated.

With your help and input, this document will ensure we continue to flourish and grow as an organization, in line with our shared vision and goals, reflective of the needs of our members; ensuring the ITF puts it’s focus and efforts to develop as a Martial Art with a set of strong moral values and tradition, a dynamic and exciting Sport, a tool for social integration, inclusion, health & peace and a way of life that we are all proud and passionate to be part of.

I look forward to the collaboration of all grandmasters, masters, instructors, board members, committee members and national associations in the development of this Strategic Plan for ITF.

I am excited and enthused by the prospect of what we can achieve together and having a clear and shared vision of how we will bring the ITF to the next level.


Together we Move Forward

Yours sincerely,

Grandmaster Willem Jacob Bos

Candidate for President


1st Message

It is my intention to build the future of ITF starting from the success of the past and to put all my passion, loyalty and professional experience, gained in 51 years of Taekwon-Do ITF practice on the tatami and in several administrative positions such as Treasurer, Secretary General and ITF Director, in the forthcoming mandate.

I am sure that, together with the members of the new democratically elected Board, a high standard, effective work can be carried out to achieve common goals for the development and well-being of all ITF Taekwon-Do community.

First of all I would like to acknowledge the achievements reached under the leadership of President GM Pablo Trajtenberg and the board members from March 2011 to April 2019, where I held the position of Director:

Introduction of new programmes and courses: Harmony, Do, Kids, International Conventions, Coaches’ Conference and the constant growth and development of already well established courses such as IICs and IUCs.

Growth of the Federation: more members, more countries (now over 100), more and better services; i.e., more efficient processing and distribution of certificates using the online database. New countries affiliated to ITF through strategic work in Africa, Asia and Central and South America.

Evolution of our championships: increase in the number of participants, live streaming, greater media presence, improvement of the technical level of athletes and umpires, introduction of Sport Data system to handle the competitions.

Informatization: ITF online system and database, more efficient and professional service to our members.

New committees and projects: i.e., the Communications Committee, supporting the board and our members in the marketing and promotion of our Art and activities, has developed a fundamental presence of ITF in the main media.

Updating our constitution, bylaws and structures to develop a more professional, transparent and democratic organization.

Progress in the recognition of our Martial Art through key meetings and presence at Sport Accord conventions.

Return of old members attracted by our professionalism, transparency, democratic structure, our technical level, courses, championships and development opportunities.


My Vision of the Future and Goals:

To continue with modernization and proceed with the times with democracy and transparency while preserving the tradition, values and legacy of ITF Taekwon-Do and following the principles of our Founder General Choi Hong Hi.

To continue to devise teams to develop ITF in new regions and countries.

To develop and offer better services and connections to each region and continent by courses, seminars, and to help in achieving government recognition.To organize training courses to structure and develop an association, a regional structure, to apply marketing strategies, effective and innovative training methods and plans to attract new members.

To help our already strong regions to become even bigger and better organized.

To add new committees to help bring our ITF to the next level, with representations of our members, i.e. women, athletes, umpires, special needs and inclusion.More specifically, to build on the work already underway to establish specific programmes for those with special needs and disabilities by creating greater links with already established groups and programmes (e.g. PRIME) and forming our own groups of experts to guide our members.

To implement the work to achieve the goal of recognition of our Federation by Sport Accord/GAISF

To give everyone the opportunity to be involved by ensuring a transparent process of selecting committees, officers, board, etc. Ensuring those with the right skills and competencies to have the chance to work in the right and key places.

To ensure our Seniors, Masters and Grand Masters continue to have a special place in our ITF (i.e., establishing a Grand Masters advisory council with a link to the  board to keep our longest serving members involved in and contributing to the ITF).

To listen to our members regarding their specific needs in each region, to give them a voice and platform to be heard and be involved to implement plans for the growth and development of our ITF.

To continue with the evolution and growth of our Championships, improving the technical level of athletes, umpires, to attract the audience, new sponsors and partners.

To continue the spread of Taekwon-Do ITF throughout the world and make it accessible for all to learn, practice, train in and enjoy, regardless of age, gender,ethnicity, religion or ability by developing a strategic plan through consultation between the board, committees, Grandmasters, Masters and Member Countries.

To increase the visibility of Taekwon-Do ITF throughout all the possible media.

To create greater networking and training opportunities for our Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters, giving them the opportunity to meet, network, train, share ideas and contribute with their experience.

To create links between ITF and other organizations with the aim of expansion,firmly maintaining our tradition and autonomy, and to promote ITF as a tool for health,social development, peace, inclusion and integration.

To develop new projects and courses such as a recognised coaching/instructing qualification and continue to work with the current committees on the goals already achieved as well as setting new targets for the future.

Yours in Taekwon-Do

GM Willem Jacob Bos




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