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Report About the Donation for Kemal Kasim

Dear members of the ITF Family!

Some of you surely remember that I have started a fundraising campaign for Kemal Kasim from Ethiopia last year to bring him to Germany and to produce a prosthetic leg for him. After requesting information from orthopedic technicians, the costs should be approximately 8.000,00 to 10.000,00 €, certainly not a small sum. Therefore I traveled through Europe and Germany to participate at different ITF events (eg IIC in Vienna and Treviso and European Cup in Budapest) to sell bracelets and to raise money. The reaction of the ITF members was amazing!

Within 3,5 months I collected 9,716.73 €!!! (please see the Money Donation for Kemal Kasim [PDF, 15 kB]). More than 20 countries donated money or bought bracelets! This was not to be expected within this short period of time. The “ITF Family” has shown great sympathy and has also proved that Taekwon-Do is not only a sport and a martial art or a way of life, but in fact it is also a social tool.

I thank all those involved and express my appreciation for this!

After several bureaucratic tasks (such as solvency check, travel insurance, liability insurance, etc.) that had to be overcome, the German Embassy in Addis Ababa today issued the visa for Kemal Kasim!

On February 9th he will be coming to Germany for almost 4 weeks to perform medical and orthopedic review and adjust the prosthesis. During his stay I would like to visit with him some TKD clubs to give him the opportunity to study ITF TKD in Germany and I will keep you informed!

Best regards

Master Paul Weiler


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