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President’s Message March 2010

Dear ITF Taekwon-Do Communitiy,

I address you in a moment of profound sorrow for the ITF Taekwon-Do world, due to the demise of our late President, Great Master Tran Trieu Quan, who in such tragic circumstances lost his life, leaving a void impossible to fill.

In spite of everything, his work will endure among us, that of a democratic ITF, provided with a solid structure, and endowed with great achievements and projects.

I cannot help but think on the fugacity of our existence, such as our founder, Gen Choi, expressed upon creating the 24 patterns. In the same way as he once departed, leaving us his legacy, it is now my turn to take over the position that GM Tran leaves and which someone else will eventually occupy.

This fact proves our maturity in understanding that we as individuals are only passengers and that it is the institutions which last.

I have the same determination as my predecessors to carry on leading our beloved ITF to the highest rank ever achieved by a martial art, in the belief that this podium is reserved for ITF Taekwon-Do.

I have the clarity to realize where we are headed to and I will give my utmost capacity to fulfill that determination.

At present ITF has a team made up by a solid Board, willing to work together in close harmony, with our Charter ahead of any personal interest. No obstacle will possibly be able to block this capacity.

I hope that all of us shall put in our effort and that each one may give our very best to lead our dear ITF and therefore give back a fraction of all that the wonderful Taekwon-Do has given us in the course of our lives.

There is no better way than this to honour the memory of our Seniors. I will be in Quebec on March 21st, where a memorial will be held. This shall not be a farewell for GM Tran but a living promise that master Quan will forever inhabit in our hearts.

With all my affection.
Pablo Trajtenberg
Acting President

PS: I wish to share with you the message read at our beloved President´s funeral.

Dear friend Quan, I have come from Argentina to bid you good-bye and I believe also on behalf of many countries, for all of ITF sadly says farewell. I was fortunate enough to share with you a long way in Taekwon-do and in the course of these years I was captivated by your inspiring and visionary style, always ahead of the times and provided with your unique style which led you to conquer the Canadian sportspeople first and later on the whole world.

You were one of the chosen few to share numerous trips with Gen Choi Hong Hi and to nourish on his teachings from the source and along that path you deserved and obtained one of the awards that extols one of your most endearing values: that of loyalty, of which you were always an example in your way of being and in your impeccable way of acting.

You were a precursor of democracy in Taekwon-do and one of the first to understand the difference between verticality in the gym and consensus in the administration of institutions, which you defended as a pioneer and convinced the Gen to apply as an instrument of justice in the world of Taekwon-do and for which we must thank you so much, to have taken our ITF to such high standing.

It was your fate to become the successor to the founder, our dear Gen, and you knew how to lead our institution during all these years with such passion and endeavour as in each of the projects you undertook.

Not always did everyone understand you but your work survives as the greatest project launched in Martial Arts, for you had the vision that only a great leader possesses, who knows where he is headed to. Now it is my turn to take over from you and I promise that we will keep along the course that you set for us, the way of honesty, of teaching values through the Do, for which you worked so hard be cause you always understood that it is useless for anyone to learn how to fight if he does not have the necessary ethics that leads to a better society.

How much we shall miss your mastery, dear friend Quan.

May your family know that you will live forever in the heart of those who love you.

Art, ITF and the world bid you: TAEKWON.


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