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IIC 112 Report

The IIC  112 was organized by the National Association of Taekwon-Do of Puerto Rico and the National Team of Puerto Rico, it was conducted by Grand Master Héctor Marano, Director of Technical Committee and supported by the Grand Master Ung Kim Lan and Master Pierre Laquerre.

The site chosen for the occasion was the Verdanza Hotel, Isla Verde, which had the appropriate means for the realization of an event of these characteristics.

It was attended by 131 participants from 9 countries, namely: Anguilla, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, USA, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Marteen  and Puerto Rico.

It is worth noting the presence of 11 Masters, five of them 7th degrees and six 8th degrees, as well as 26 senior instructors.

Friday’s work day, after the opening ceremony, began with warm-up exercises and fighting techniques by the Grand Master Lan.

Then Grand Master Marano was responsible for working with forms of Chon-Ji to Ge- Baek.

Grand Master Lan dedicated almost 1 hour explaining the secrets to proper confrontation drills in 1, 2 and 3 steps emphasizing the importance of timing and how to work to achieve the correct form.

While 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees conducted an overview of forms with the Master Laquerre, Grand Master Marano devoted himself exclusively to address the questions, doubts and opened a space for comments and opinions to masters and senior instructors present, a gesture that was much appreciated by the representatives of the countries of the region.

On Saturday night a Caribbean Leaders meeting and  banquet in honor of the Grand Masters was held. The banquet was enlivened by the Conjunto Sabrosón, who were responsible for making the public dance. Master Ruben Suárez and Esther Ortíz gave a demonstration on how Salsa is danced in Puerto Rico.

On Sunday morning the Grand Master Lan worked with forms for 4th degrees and then the Grand Master Marano closed with forms for 5th and 6th degrees.

Was an amazing experience , all participants enjoyed the week end and back home learned a lot and enjoyed the friendship and excellent hospitality

Thank you Technical Committee for make possible this event in Puerto Rico

My Warmest Regards





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