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Black Belt Academy in Skövde

Black Belt Academy in Skövde
With joy I look back at Black Belt Academy (BBA) which was held in Skövde, Sweden the 20th of August. It was the eighth time that I organized this seminar and BBA fills the purpose that was intended from the beginning, a kick-off of the season for instructors and future black belt aspirants. The large number of represented clubs, not less than 26, gave the opportunity to socialize with the athletes and instructors from other clubs as well as exchange experiences from training and competitions.

The main topic of this year’s BBA was pattern training and to provide information and training on the latest guidelines and the corrections of the techniques that the International Technical Committee stressed at International Instructors Courses (IIC) lately. We had the privilege to share our documentation from the IIC:s and also details after personal contact with Grand Master Hector Marano who always finds time to guide and answer technical questions.
Our Swedish technical committee consisting of myself, Master Håkan Hansson and Master Peter Logozar worked all day before BBA to nationally standardize techniques and it was a real pleasure that we all three Masters together during the BBA could give our attention and guidance to all participants.

As always the BBA has a theoretical part. This year I chose to highlight the emergence of TKD ITF in Sweden. A one hour lecture on TKD’s introduction in Sweden in the mid-1960s up to the present regarding organizational development and competition results was given.

I would also like to highlight that this time we had foreign participation from Finland consisting of Teppo Häyrynen (international judge) and Veera Häyrynen (internationally pattern competitor).
It was really great with this international touch.

I wish all ITF practitioners over the world good luck for the coming season 2016/2017!

Master Swavek Dydiszko

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