Elections 2019

 Upcoming elections to be held in Inzell, Germany on April 28th, 2019

Dear ITF members,
The ITF Board of Directors  have decided to create a space on the ITF website in order to allow  candidates for the upcoming elections to promote their candidacy.
In this section of the website you will be able to see a full list of candidates for each position as well as their CV. In this way we will guarantee a transparent process as well as equal opportunity and conditions for all candidates to promote themselves.
I send you a warm greeting,
GM Pablo Trajtenberg 



Candidatures  President

GM Paul Weiler-IX Dan , Germany

CV:CV GM Weiler


Candidatures  Secretary General

Master Tadeusz Loboda -VIII Dan ,Poland


Candidatures  Treasurer

GM Willem Jacob Bos-IX Dan ,Italy

CV:GM Wim Bos – Curriculum

Candidatures  Senior Vice-President

Master Clint Norman-VIII Dan, Canada

CV:Master Norman

Candidatures  2nd Vice-President

GM Harmat László-IX Dan , Hungary


Candidatures   Vice-President

GM Michael Daher-IX Dan, Australia


Candidatures Board Member

Master Juan Ferrando- VIII Dan ,Spain


Master Annick Van Driessche-VII Dan- Belgium

CV:Curriculum vitae_AVD
















GM Paul Weiler Candidature