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A new step of the Development Team in Africa. This time in Tanzania.

On October 23, 2019 Master Ken MacKenzie of the Africa Development Team accompanied by Peter Nilsson (ITF 2nd Dan, defensive tactics / close protection instructor and anti-terror specialist), Gustav Olsson (ITF 4th Dan, Self Defense Instructor) and John Arnold Masawe (ITF 3rd Dan, President of the Tanzania Taekwon-Do Association) visited the Tanzania Police Training Center and met with Anthony Rutta (Deputy Commissioner of Police), Nzumbi Madalo (Special Assistant Commissioner of Police) and Mark Wambura (Senior Superintendent of Police) to discuss plans to provide training for their police tactical instructors. The deputy commissioner was very pleased to have representatives from the ITF to come in to their training center and offer this training to better equip their officers for the real threats they face in their work.

Following the meeting a 4 hour course was conducted to introduce defensive tactical skills originating from ITF Taekwon-Do skills adapted for use by law enforcement that is considered tactically effective, medically safe and legally acceptable. The skills demonstrated and taught were met with great enthusiasm and confidence by the 20 police officers and trainers who attended.

This was a very successful meeting and training session that resulted in discussions to arrange future training courses with an extended schedule for more in depth defensive tactics training and practice sessions. Both the deputy commissioner and the senior superintendent expressed their desire to have their tactical trainers also train extensively in ITF Taekwon-Do and eventually become certified black belts. Future discussions will be forthcoming with the Tanzania Taekwon-Do Association to set this up.

The ITF and the Africa Development Team are making great strides in growing all facets of training for both civilian and police training in Africa.



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