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99th IIC – Norway – Report

The 99th IIC was organized by National Taekwon-Do Norway in Trondheim, Norway the 6th – 8th of March 2015. It was registered totally 295 participants, but due to the strike in one of the largest flight companies in Norway, 32 participants could not make it because of cancelled flights. We ended up with totally 263 participants. Among them were 228 1st – 3rd degree, 28 4th – 6th degree and 7 masters. In addition to members of NTN we had participants from Canada, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. A special thank you to Master Ernesto Santaniello and Master Richard Lajeunesse for participating.


Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, Master Pierre Laquerre and Master Donato Nardizzi conducted the IIC. The IIC raised issues like fundamental movements, patterns from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il, step sparring, self-defence and free sparring. During the IIC Master Nardizzi also gave a presentation of the ITF kid programme. The participants were very impressed about the high level of knowledge of the technical committee. This was the first IIC for the new member of the committee, Master Pierre Laquerre from Canada. He did an excellent job and showed high technical level and professional teaching ability.


During the IIC Mr. David Hiltz and Mr. Rock Soucy from Canada, and Mr. Vegard Iversen from Norway successfully passed a grading for 7th degree master. Congratulations to them all.


It was very nice and it touched many hearts when Grand Master Marano in the end of the IIC gave a special gratitude to Mr. Torfinn Opedal, who in spite of that he is blind successfully participated at the IIC.


Master Per Andresen


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