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26th IUC in Oslo, Norway

The 26th IUC was organised 9th – 10th of September in Oslo, Norway. Total 137 participants from Denmark, England, Finland, Netherlands, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and Norway attended the course. Master Alberto Katz and Master Kurt Ottesen from the IUC committee conducted the IUC in a very professional way. The ITF senior Vice President and member of the Technical Committee, Grand Master Paul Weiler, attended as a technical adviser. The ITF Director Grand Master Wim Bos was also present as a supervisor for the IUC and Master Harry Vones was helping with the electronic system.

14333004_1451454828202407_7355081837901663463_n 14333637_1451455031535720_7940181567883704856_n 14333689_1451455074869049_479400142276260199_n 14344870_1451453608202529_5277764541980177684_n 14352421_1451455228202367_2368892525879754349_o 14368836_1451455224869034_2477915323791963596_n 14433028_1451454898202400_1719650475267529165_n 14316714_1451454638202426_5954809309867268620_n 14329988_1451454028202487_5070246113217617564_nThe course involved both theory and practical exercises and covered all parts of the ITF competition program. Saturday evening it was a nice banquet for all the participants.
The IUC was great success and the feedback from the participants was very positive.



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