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1st African Continental Meeting at Addis Ababa on November 13th, 2015

On the occasion of the 16th International Kid’s Course (= 106 participants) and the 107th International Instructors Course (= 375 participants) the 1st African Continental Meeting was held at the Conference Hall of SAREM International Hotel in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia on November 13th, 2015.

Presidents and representatives from 6 African Countries followed the invitation of GM Paul Weiler and attended the meeting

Djibouti                      Mr. Bahdon Omar (new country in our ITF)

Ethiopia                    Mr. Wogayehu Behailu = President of EITA = Ethiopian International TKD Association


Kenya                         Mr. William Wamweya = President ITF Kenya

Madagascar             Mr. Tafita Rakotoarisoa = Technical Director of ITF Madagscar


South Africa              Mr. Bert Gey van Pittius = President of TASA = TKD Association

South Africa


ITF Uganda               Mr. Robert Ojiambo = President ITFUganda

Mr. Rhamadan Khauka



Guests at the meeting were:

GM Hector Marano  = President of FETRA and ITF Technical Committee Chairman

GM Kim-Lan Ung    = Vice President of ITF Germany and ITF Technical Committee


Master David McNairn = Member of ITF Scotland

Mr. Fabian Izquierdo = Member of ITF Children Development Committee

Mr. Niklas Enander = Member of ITF Sweden

Mr. Edgardo Lopez = Member of FETRA

Mr. Tamrat Feyessa = President of TKD ITF in Ethiopia

Mr. Getachew Shiferaw = Vice-President EITA

Mr. Yigebawal Cheru = Treasurer of EITA

Mr. Josef Geleta = Board Member of EITA

Mr. Elias Kumel = Board Member of EITA

Mr. Anteneh Belay = Interpreter


Participants of the 1st African ITF Continental Meeting on November 13th, 2015


The meeting started at 18:06 in a very friendly and nice atmosphere with the introducion oft he participants. All representatives gave an overview over the country situation:


Djibouti          Mr. Bahdon Omar participated for the first time at ITF events. He has 4 clubs in Djibouti (started 2011) and wants to become a new member – welcome in our ITF family. There are no any other Taekwon-Do styles!!!! and he has a government license to build a Association. So far only club tournaments are possible.


Ethiopia         EITA is our member since 2008 rapidly growing and has now close to 11.000 members (some member clubs from other ITF-groups joined EITA recently and because of the IIC two other clubs joined the federation. EITA is recognized by the Minister of Sport and also a member of the umbrella organization ITF Ethiopia. This is even recognized by the NOC. EITA has good connection with the mass media (TV and newspaper). Regional tournaments and the National Championships are being held every year.


Kenya            ITF Kenya is our member since 2010 (former KITA = Kenya International TKD Association) and after the re-organization growing. The federation has now 16 clubs and 5 new clubs from WTF are knocking on the the door for membership. ITF Kenya is waiting for the registration with the government. From the end of December the federation will have the possibility to demonstrate a Kid’s training on TV at the media house in Nairobi every Saturday. So far ITF Kenya organized club tournaments.


Madagascar TKD starts in Madagascar already in 1989 and was recognized by the government as a sport in 2004 ITF. Madagascar Association = ITF MASS is our member since May this year and is recognized by the government. So far 10 clubs are members of ITF Mass and new clubs shall be established in the South and East part of Madagascar (out of the Capital Antananarivo). ITF MASS has good connections to the medias (TV and newspapers). Next year the 2nd Madagascar Cup shall be organized (probably in April) with the help of GM Paul Weiler.


South Africa  ITF history goes back to 1980 when ITF SA was founded. After the split in 2011 TASA became our member in the same year. TASA had to start from the very beginning with one club but is now growing with 6 clubs so far in membership. At this moment there are no connections to the mass media and common tournaments with other TKD styles are being held every year.


Uganda         Uganda became our member in 2013 and is also a member of the umrella organization in Uganda called Uganda Taekwon-Do. This umbrella organization is recognized by the government. ITF Uganda has already 12 clubs and good connections to TV and newspapers. For 2016 the Hero`s Cup is planned.

GM Weiler informed the representatives about


  • The development of ITF on the African Continent since 2008
  • Sponsorship and supplier contracts with the ITF
  • Communication problem in the past. Sabum Izquierdo and sabum Enander offer their help to establish a facebook side for Africa and to support the communication between the countries.


Future plans and activities for Africa:in 2016 and 2017


2016               April    seminars and tournaments in Madagascar, Mozambique and

Zimbabwe. Botswana, Malawi and Zambia have shown interest to become our member and we will invite them to our activities because they have a common boarder.


June/July                   seminars in Kenya and Uganda


July/August                5th African Cup in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Combined with technical seminars and gradings.


2017               July/August               6th African Cup in South Africa


Umpire A Course


At the end oft he meeting donation material (doboks, belts, safety equipment) were donated to all countries by Master McNairn, Sabum Enander and GM Weiler.

Some received even a laptop or a cell phone.


Black belt certificates and umpire certificates were given to Kenya and black belt certificates to Uganda.


The meeting ended at 20:47


GM Paul Weiler


Africa united Entire Meeting Group


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