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Report of IKC 16

Course Dates 11 – 12 Nov, 2015

Course conducted at Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

Course Type International Kids Course 16

Course Conducted by: Mr Fabián Izquierdo with the assistance of Sabum Edgardo López for translations. Both are from Argentina.

Participants No: – 16Kids and 90 adult participants from six countries totally 106 participants.

IKC 16

The IKC 16 organised by Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA) in the capital city of Ethiopia from November 11 – 12 2015 at the national Youth and Sports Academy of Ethiopia.

The Course was opened after the introduction of Course conductor (Mr Fabián Izquierdo) and 6 participating countries (Ethiopia, Scotland, Sweden, Madagascar, and Uganda even Kenya was there on the 2nd day of the course) in presence of Government representative and in presence of GM Paul Weiler and GM Kim Lan Ung.

The course conductor was welcomed by Grand Master Paul Weiler and by Sabum Wogayehu Behailu the President of Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA).

The course conductor was very well organised and prepared, and the materials used were so amazing as they allowed all the exercises and games were easily understood by all attendees, especially by the 16 Kids who was participated on the course.

In general the course was very interesting and conducted in friendly approach all participants from different local regions in the country and participants from abroad were satisfied very much by the methodology of the conductor over the 2 days.

Mr Fabián Izquierdo is one of the most experienced and very important person for all, of course we can say that he is an asset for the ITF Kids Committee, and also Sabum Edgardo was very helpful in the course by translating Spanish to English and in the practical game exercises.

All participants of this Course benefited and shared many experiences from the conductors and hopefully everybody who was with us enjoyed very much and get a lot of knowledge during the days.

We are very happy for the support of all conductors and the ITF Kids committee and ITF board members, So that we would like to acknowledge for all kinds of supports from all.

Finally Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA) would like to thank everybody on the course as a participant and as a Course conductor.

Report written by Sabunim Getachew Shiferaw

Head of organizing committee.

November 19, 2015

Addis Ababa-Ethiopia


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