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110 th IIC in Poland

From 27 th to 29 th May 2016 at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw – the capital city of Poland – took place the 110th International Instructor Course – Poland.

The IIC was conducted by the Technical Committee of the ITF Grand Masters: Grand Master Hector Marano, 9 th Degree – Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee; Grand Master Paul Weiler, 9 th Degree – Member of the ITF Technical Committee, ITF Senior Vice-President and Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, 9 th Degree – Member of the ITF Technical Committee;

Together 263 participants from 24 countries: Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Poland.

Among the participants were Grand Master Orello Ellis, six 8 th Degree Masters: Master Per Andresen (Norway), Master Ernesto Santaniello (Italy), Master Wijand Tapilatu (Netherlands), Master Harry Vones (Germany), Master Jerzy Jedut (Poland) and Master Tadeusz Loboda (Poland) and thirteen 7 th Degree


England Orello Ellis IX
Norway Per Andresen VIII
Poland Jerzy Jedut VIII
Poland Tadeusz Loboda VIII
Germany Harry Vones VIII
Netherlands Wijand Tapilatu VIII
Italy Ernesto Santaniello VII
Lebanon Gaby Abousleiman VII
Poland Zbigniew Bujak VII
England Thomas Denis VII
Scotland Alexander Dunbar VII
Sweden Swavek Dydiszko VII
Poland Janusz Gutkowski VII
Uzbekistan Gennadi Han VII
Poland Jacek Luniewski VII
Irleland Gerry Martin VII
Moldova Victor Morozan VII
Romania Alexandru Muresan VII
Poland Zbigniew Semp VII
Italy Sergio Sergi VII
Russia Lazoros Tsilfidis VII
Ireland Kenneth Wheatley VII
Argentina Fernando Yerusalmi VII
Poland Wojciech Zdanuczyk VII

Within three days the participants of the IIC had an opportunity to practice together and perfect their Taekwon-Do skills.

On Saturday 28th May 2016 took place the grading for 7th and 8th Degrees, after which the panel of examiners: GM Hector Marano, GM Paul Weiler and GM Ung Kim Lan announced the new masters.
Promoted to 8th degree were:

1. Master Zbigniew Bujak (Poland )
2. Master Thomas Denis (England)
3. Master Alexander Dunbar (Scotland)
Promoted to 7th degree were and at the same time received the Master’ title:
1. Master Adam Alenowicz (Poland)
2. Master Erol Bernard (England)
3. Master Peter Logozar (Sweden)
4. Master Hans Jorgen Helmersen (Norway)

At the same time was held the grading for the 4th, 5th and 6th Degrees. The panel of examiners consisted of Grand Master Orello Ellis and Master Jerzy Jedut promoted to higher degrees seven from ten candidates.

On Saturday evening in the Restaurant La Maison Gourmand at 15 Grodzka Street in Warsaw took place the official IIC Banquet with over 100 participants.

Sunday training session closed the 110th International Instructor Course in Warsaw. All instructors received the certificates of participation and made a IICs’ “family” photo.

On behalf of the Polish Taekwon-Do Association Master Jerzy Jedut the President and Master Tadeusz Loboda the Vice-President handed on to the Grand Masters gratitude letters and some souvenirs prepared by PTA and expressed their appreciation to Grand Masters but also to all participants for their attendance in the 110th IIC in Poland.



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